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Company Profile

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     Shanxi Kanglibo Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd is established in 2015. We are committed to exploring the export of industrial raw materials and equipment in Southeast Asia, Africa and other places, and introducing local specialty products into China.

The company has two project departments in Southeast Asia and Africa. With years of resources accumulation in the printing and plate-making industry and Yuncheng's leading position in the industry, it meets effectively  the needs of printing plate-making consumables and equipment in the target market; Strategic planning is to help domestic related industries release huge capacity.

The company adheres to the zero distance and close to the market and finds the market from a wide angle of view to form a development momentum that goes out and brings in.

Business Scope:

     Self-operated and agent import and export of various commodities and technologies (except for state-limited and prohibited operations); wholesale, retail: printing equipment, building materials, metal materials, mechanical equipment, hardware products and electronic products, chemical products (excluding dangerous goods) , plastic products, rubber products pesticides, agricultural and sideline products, office and household items, computers and peripheral equipment, needle textiles, department stores, handicrafts, leather, clothing and so on.